Reiki Healing

60 MINUTES $100

Through this healing session I work closely with the subtle body, including your chakras, and the auric field to remove stagnant energy. I use crystals and sound, along with palo santo, sage, and essential oils to aid in the healing session.


Distance Healing

60 MINUTES $100 

If you’re unable to come in and see me personally, then I can still offer a healing session for you. The beautiful thing about working with energy is that it can be sent and received at anytime and anywhere, regardless of time, space, or distance.

Reiki & Coaching

75 MINUTES $200 •90 MINUTES $245

To get the best of both, I offer sessions that are combined with Reiki and Coaching. Generally we start the session with coaching and end the session with a Reiki healing.




What is Reiki healing?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality, which channels Universal life force energy to remove energy blocks, reduce stress and aid in relaxation.

With the use of a gentle, non-invasive, hands on approach, Reiki works by restoring life force energy back into the energy centres - the Chakras, the auric field, and the Nadis/Meridans - also known as your energy channels, which provide life force energy to our cells.

Where are the sessions held?

Currently only taking distance healing or private home visits. Contact to find out more.