My Yoga Journey

I started my yoga journey to find more flexibility within my physical body, not realising that after my first few classes, I noticed the shifts with the way I was thinking and how I was feeling.

Yoga became my safe haven where I would escape so I could have my own time and unwind. Every time after I practiced I noticed how connected I felt to myself. I felt less overwhelmed and was able to let go of this need to control, and rather start to really trust in myself and also in the process of life. I was able to flow freely.

At first what I thought was going to help me physically, actually turned out to have far greater benefits then expected. Like most in the western world, we initially assume yoga is about the physical poses, also known as Āsanas. However yoga means union, or yoke. Meaning when we practice yoga we are essential finding union with the body, mind and soul. It is also said that we use yoga to find union with our individual consciousness and to the divine consciousness.

It is through the power of breath, movement, meditation, and the teachings of ancient yogic philosophy that allows us to create this beautiful union within ourselves but also to the collective.


Humming Puppy Melbourne

2/22 Cecil Pl, Prahran VIC 3181


  • 6:00am Unified Hum

  • 7:30am Mellow Hum


  • 2:00pm Dynamic Hum

  • 4:30pm Mellow Hum

  • 6:00pm Unified Hum


  • 7:00am Unified Hum

  • 8:45am Dynamic Hum

Private Class


COST: $100 per hour